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About Me 

            Good creative writers are in short supply; and among those, dependable ones who are communications specialists are even harder to find.  I have a proven track record from over a quarter century of military and government service, and I love to write.  Plus, I have extensive experience as a one-on-one mentor, teacher, trainer, and group facilitator, as well as a wealth of life experience that supports my writing.  I not only love to write, but I love to instruct.

How can I help you?

            I understand the complexities of problem-solving, business, and leadership.  In the course of my “additional duties” in uniform, I engaged in heavy duty problem-solving, business contracting, labor relations, marketing, advertising, customer satisfaction, quality control, and many more facets of what business owners face each day.  I learned how to positively influence and motivate individuals and large numbers of people, as well as understand my commanders’ intent, and how to get the effects they sought (please see the “My approach” Section below). I quickly learned that the “combat imperative” to just about everything in life rests on good, solid, COMMUNICATION.  Writing is the most enduring, refined, and powerful form of communication, and I can help you wield it and improve it.

My approach

            I don’t believe in hype.  I do believe in a good sense of humor. I am dedicated to pure communication, based on the effects you wish to produce on your target audience.  I carried a cornerstone military concept with me into retirement–“Effects-Based Operations.” I added my own touch, and created “Effects-Based Business (EBB)”  It’s a fancy term for “getting what you want.”  It is also one of the most potent problem-solving processes I have encountered. My adaptation of the concept for my writing, is simple:

  1. Learn the intent of the customer, and determine if there are problems that need to be solved.
  2. Derive the effects desired on the target (audience or result) from that intent or the desired effects for eliminating the problems.
  3. Write with the voice of the customer to create the desired effects.
  4. Always be honest and genuine in communicating and delivery, and put “heart” into it.

I further refine my approach by injecting into the system the simple question, “So what?”  Customers and clients will constantly be asking that very same question—“so what?”

People in general, you included, are over-marketed.  What will make your voice heard over the din of other voices shouting in the marketplace?  I partner with you and develop the ultimate strategy to achieve your effects.  Effective communication, put forth with genuine care and confidence, will attract customers and make your business stand out.

That’s the “so what” factor, as I like to call it.

Bottom line: I can help you!  If you need problems solved, effective professional writing, training for your staff, consulting, or even a keynote speaker, give me a call at 317.771.0701, or email me at mikeselby@mikeselbyfreelancing.com.

I have a relevant story to tell for any situation, filled with humor, and pathos.  We can discuss your intent and your desired effects with no obligation, with a free estimate up front, and my sincerest thanks for your interest in my company.  Please see the “Need a Speaker?” Page of this site for more details.



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