General Fees Schedule

Mike Selby Freelancing, LLC, precedes all work with proposals and formal estimates, along with a satisfaction guarantee at each stage of production, and with the final product. Proposals for work and estimates are created only after we secure a firm understanding of the clients’ intent and wishes. After approval by our customers, a contract is drafted, and scope, deliverables, and terms are documented in final format.

 Schedule of Estimated Fees

The schedule below lists only a small portion of the services we offer: 

Hourly rates (dependent on type of work)         Vary by type of work (all work preceded by estimate)

Some of the many services we offer are listed below. The variety and scale of client needs and budgets have encouraged us to provide custom-designed estimates versus flat rates or universal fees.

Blogging                                                             Please contact for estimate

Brochure                                                            Please contact for estimate

Consulting/Classroom Instruction Please contact for estimate

Copy Editing                                                       Please contact for estimate

Copy Writing                                                       Please contact for estimate

Direct Mail Package                                            Please contact for estimate

Feature Story                                                       Please contact for estimate

Government Contracting Start-up (SAM registration, Dun and Bradstreet number, opportunity review)                                              Please contact for estimate

Government Contract Proposals                         Please contact for estimate

Government Grant Proposals                              Please contact for estimate

Newsletter                                                            Please contact for estimate

Online Copywriting                                               Please contact for estimate

Sales Letter                                                           Please contact for estimate

SBA Credentials (Minority, Woman-owned–online form completion, application completion/review)                                                Please contact for estimate

Slogans or Package Names (package of 5)          Please contact for estimate

Web Content                                                         Please contact for estimate

Terms:  Purchase order or authorization letter required for all jobs (courtesy copy provided with proposal and estimate).  Fees are payable 50% in advance, with balance due on delivery.  Editing fees are payable in full, in advance.

List above is not comprehensive– only the most common jobs are represented.  Many more services are offered. Call now for a prompt and reasonable estimate on your specific work.

Call Mike Selby Freelancing, LLC, at 317.771.0701, or email at





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